Town of St George’s

carenageThe town of St George’s was established in 1705 by French settlers and has a mixture of 18th-century French provincial and English Georgian architecture. A tour may include the Carenage – where you may catch ferries and hovercrafts to and from Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Monument to the Christi Degli Abbissi – or Christ of the Deep, a statue commemorating the generous response of Grenadians to the needs of distressed passengers rescued from the liner, Bianca C which caught fire on 22 october 1961. The wreck lies in 170 feet of water, is a favourite for divers and has been declared a marine national park.

There is Sendell Tunnel, built in 1895, The Esplanade, built on reclaimed land and has the Cruise Line Terminal, the Spiceland Mall and the Fish Market. Market Square which has a newly renovated spice market hall where you can buy local produce, herbs, spices, fruits and local crafts. The market also spills out onto the side streets on some days.

The Grenada National Stadium is used for cricket and national events such as independence day celebratins. It was rebuilt after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 with the help of the Chinese. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception built in 1884 has with a tower built in 1818. The Grenada National Museum built in 1704 was once a barracks and a prison. Visitors can see Amerindian pottery fragments, an old rum still and a marble bathtub that belonged to Empress Josephine. There’s also a display on the assassination of Maurice Bishop and the US invasion that followed and the ill fated Bianca C liner.

Grand Anse is Grenada’s main resort area with lovely, long white sandy beaches and lots of hotels, bars, eateries and watersports. In contrast, across the peninsula of Quarantine Point (once a leper colony) there is Morne Rouge Bay, also called BBC by locals. Several new hotels and villas can be found here as well as the popular nightspot, Fantazia.