The Forts

Fort George built in 1705 was originally called Fort Royale by the French. After the overthrow of Eric Gairy’s government in 1979 it was briefly renamed Fort Rupert. It offers stunning views of the harbour, the Lagoon and the Grande Anse area. Maurice Bishop was executed here and bullet holes made by the firing squad can still be seenin the walls.

Fort Frederick was built in 1791 by the French to secure their position after capturing Grenada from the British in 1779. Named after the Son of King George III it was called the ‘backward facing fort” because the cannons face inland, this was to prevent the English from attacking inland as the French did twelve years earlier.

Fort Matthew built in 1779 is the largest of the three forts and was named after Grenada’s Lieutenant Governor at that time, Lt. Edward Matthew. It also offers stunning views of the town of St George’s.