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Belmont Estate 0

Belmont Estate

Cocoa on the tree cocoa and mace drying cocoa and mace drying turning the cocoa Chocolate lovers are in for a treat when they visit the Belmont Estate, a unique and authentic 17th century plantation. The...

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The Forts 0

The Forts

Fort George built in 1705 was originally called Fort Royale by the French. After the overthrow of Eric Gairy’s government in 1979 it was briefly renamed Fort Rupert. It offers stunning views of the...

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The Nutmeg Tour 0

The Nutmeg Tour

Grand Etang National Park Belvedere Spice Plantation Grenville Nutmeg Factory Gouyave town Concord Waterfall Pappy’s Homemade Wine Shop Back to town of St George’s (four hour...

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The Rum Tour 0

The Rum Tour

Annandale Water Falls Grand Etang National Park Secret trip off the beaten track River Antoine Distillery Belmont Estate – Chocolate Factory Lunch (local restaurant in Grenville) La Sagesse Natural Park Lake...

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The Grenada Grand Tour 0

The Grenada Grand Tour

Town of Saint George’s Grand Etang National Park Grand Etang Lake Grenville Town Pearls Airport Belmont Estate – Chocolate Factory River Antoine Rum Distillery – LUNCH and tour Lake Antoine Caribs...

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